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Greek Goodbye


Farewell Oh fairest Love,

Farewell I say to thee!

For I cannot hold you any longer

Far-aching thorn in flesh for me

Phoebus comes, Selene replaces;

Mother earth shows many faces,

But thou remain, thou seem endless,

Thy beauty, thy radiance, thy caress.

Thou art the swan of Aphrodite,

For surely Olympus favored thee.

Pygmalion would forsake Galatea.

Other graces, thou gained from Hera.


But Oh lovely nymph,

Others sought you as a Golden Fleece

For Cupid shot myriads of arrows.

It landed where no one can follow.

And I am but a poor little fellow

Victim of this scheme so hallow.

Scores of heroes boarded Argo

With but one goal, that is to have you.

Winning thee is beyond my ken,

Might as well rest in Hades’ den.

For brave Jason I am not;

Nor Narcissus quite bold and hot;

Nor as shrew as Hermes is;

Nor as kaleidoscopic as fair Iris.


To Persephone I now send thee

Flow bitter-sweet Love on Lethe

But I swear by the river Styx

This love though banished does not subsist.

Only to hinder, to hide it in the depths,

Together in the underworld with Adonis.

For love so noble and great,

Even the gods will not forsake.

For love so true and tender,

Should survive forever and ever.

Though time will surely come

For it to falter, to waver.

Farewell O fairest Love

Farewell I say to thee

Your heart tarnished with my memory

Is now set a-free.


It has been a long time since I had posted in this blog but soon I’ll try to fill with more articles in a regular basis. The taga-ilog has awakened, ready to flood this blog with his fresh insights just like a phoenix dawning to his renaissance.

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Look back.

What have we done?

We have thousands of friends in Friendster, Facebook, Multiply

but to our needy neighbors, do we have a reply?

We are strained with our Cafeworld’s own cafe

but when was the last time we prepared a meal for our family?

We have developed nice and complex Farmville farms

but in planting trees, herbs, shrubs, do we lend an arm?

We have seen much websites, the web has to offer

but our textbooks, have we even lift the cover?

We have mastered almost all the games online

but when was the last time we have played under the sun?

Videos flash with just one click

but have we seen real sights, so mild and meek?

We are all delighted to hear the latest music in the net

but when was the last time we played an instrument?

Our Yahoo! Messengers are always open

but our minds are close when it comes to helping.

We have e-mail accounts which are overflowing

but we have little knowledge on Scripture’s saying.

We can always buy the latest available program

but in giving, we may not spare a gram

We have voted on various online surveys

but on immediate issues, do we really care?

We have learned about other people here and there

but in dealing with our own, are we really prepared?

We are living in a world, extended beyond

Extraordinary feats were achieved, but where is the real reward?

We can do more in less expense but are we really that blessed


Look back.

Reflect on yourself.

Are we the masters or are we the captives?

ANSWERED PRAYER: iSchool ComLab, now functional

The long wait is over!

Students may not aspire renting computers outside the campus anymore , as LNCHS’s iSchools Computer Laboratory opened its doors to students and teachers alike for academic purposes.

Also known as the iSchools Community eCenter, this facility located at the second floor of Enverga Building, caters to the needs for ICT integration in classroom learning. It answers to the growing demand for free computer and internet access within the school, in order to strengthen and expand learning, as far as education is concerned.

The facility is equipped with 20 personal computers plus one server, loaded with the Linux operating system including EdUbuntu, OpenOffice, Mozilla Firefox and others. Each unit is also connected to the internet. Additional features include an LCD projector, a multifunctional printer and two airconditioning units. A laboratory assistant, Ms. Liberty Langcaon, is also there to offer help. this project is under the supervision of Mr. Reynald M. Cacho, iSchools Laboratory Manager.

This laboratory was given by the Commission on Information and Communication Technology in cooperation with its partners, Benguet State University and Cavite State University. It is a part of the Human Capital Development Group’s iSchools project provided to 320 public high schools within the country.

Aside from the physical facilities, CICT-HCDG also sustained ICT skills of its recepients through various trainings including the Computer and Internet Literacy Course, Web Development, Library Management, Technical Training and Camp Blog.